PPU's CO Project mural unveiled on International CO Day May 15 2014


The idea for the mural arose out of the PPU’s two year ‘Objecting to War’ Project which among other things explored the experiences of WW1 COs in London.

As part of providing a context for these experiences we also explored the wide spread anti war movement of the time. Kier Hardie, seen in the mural, and the International Labour Party were at the fore front of the protest.

The project commissioned this mural not only to show the wider objection to war then but also the regrettable need to continue to object today.


The mural is based on a photograph of Kier Hardie on the right speaking at an
anti war raly in Traflgar Sq 2 day before Britain declared war on Germany

Announcement of the Trafalgar Sq demonstration in the Daily Herald.

The Daily Herald began publishing in 1913 and under George Lansbury after a split in the Labour movement between supporters and opponents of the war shortly after Britain declared war played a key role in the campaign against the war for the next four years. It was in the forefront of the movement against conscription and supported conscientious objectors.

the Daily Herald ceased publication in 1964 and was relaunched as The Sun later to be taken over by Murdoch.

Postcard of the mural available at PPU office or ONLINE